Two By Two: Year One Update

Investing-Work-in-ActionAt the beginning of 2015 our National Affiliate, Partnership for Working Families,boldly launched the Two By Two campaign. The goal was simple: as a network, we wanted to improve the lives of two million people in two years.

Now, one year later we are proud to say that our network is more than half way to achieving our goal. In the last year, we have helped improve the lives of 1.5 million people. Through our work and the work of 17 city affiliates like us from around the country, we have won paid sick days and minimum wage increases, reduced emissions, increased access to public transportation and engaged our communities to address inequality, racial and environmental injustice.

While we’re proud to be so close to reaching our goal with just one year behind us, we know we have lots of work to do in the coming months. We plan to reach our goal of improving 2 million lives by 2017 by:

  • …campaigning to raise wages for working people in cities and states including Washington, Colorado, California, Philadelphia and San Diego.
  • …fighting to end wage theft from Massachusetts to the farms of California.
  • …championing equitable economic development across our network of cities and in new places in the South.
  • …pushing cities to achieve zero waste, lower energy consumption and make smart transit choices while we build a new clean economy.

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