Homes everyone can afford in Denver?

mlk twinsIn January FRESC kicked off our campaign to make homes affordable for all at the Martin Luther King Marade. This event was a huge success where we were able to start a petition calling on the mayor to making the city affordable for all.  The petition gained a lot of attention and in March we delivered our signatures to the mayor.  FRESC community leaders shared their experiences living in the city and their input in the housing plan with the Mayor and the Office of Economic Development.

There are two milestone events coming up
1. The Denver housing plan is being released this month- we are looking to see these things included in the plan: affordable homes near transit and jobs, a plan to produce affordable rental housing for working families, and a commitment from the city to dedicate funding to this.
2. Inclusionary Housing Ordinance revisions are in process. We are supporting former FRESC leader, Robin Kniech in her efforts to revise the IHO so that there are more options for working families to own homes they can afford in developing neighborhoods that are on the rise.

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