Making Change at Walmart

A recent Congressional report published shows that each Walmart store costs taxpayers $900,000 in government services for its associates because Walmart does not pay associates a sufficient wage, provide access to affordable healthcare coverage, or protect them from unsafe conditions in the workplace. Despite being the richest corporation in America, Walmart does not reward the hard work of its associates.

In close partnership with UFCW Local 7, FRESC leads Making Change at Walmart campaign in Colorado on the ground by building a coalition of community groups to improve the lives of thousands of Walmart associates. In addition, the campaign utilizes a rapid response network of volunteers ready to act when Walmart retaliates against associates demanding respectful working conditions and fighting the development of new Walmart sites in the Denver metro area. FRESC employs strategic, policy-driven, community-based organizing tactics to make Walmart change into the employer we all want it to be. .

Now is the time to make a change! As the largest employer in the United States and in the world, Walmart is in a position to help rebuild our economy and strengthen working families. Making Change at Walmart in Colorado works to ensure Walmart associates can earn a living wage, access quality healthcare options, and work in safe conditions.

Join us! Commit to Making Change at Walmart in Colorado.

Kevin Abels speaks to people gathered at 2013 Lakeside Walmart Protest Rally


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