Quality Career Paths

FRESC defines a good job as a permanent job that provides a worker with a family-sustaining wage, health care and retirement benefits, training and paths for advancement, and a voice in their workplace. Good jobs are the backbone of our economy and they provide employees with the means to support a family and achieve a good quality of life.

Quality jobs benefit families, businesses, and communities. According to the International Economic Development Council, quality jobs “are the seeds from which broader prosperity grows, providing workers with the opportunity for self-sufficiency, economic security, and a sense of control over their lives.” When workers are thriving they buy homes, support local shops, and save to invest in their children’s education. When jobs don’t allow workers to afford the basics, those workers are unable to support our local economy and their own communities.

History has shown that wealth may not trickle down, but it does grow up. Workers who earn good wages and have benefits, such as sick leave and health insurance, are able to care for their families and support the local economy. These workers keep the economy healthy and moving in a positive direction.

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