Affordable Housing

A strong and diverse community with a healthy economy must provide safe and accessible housing opportunities for residents at all income levels. FRESC: Good Jobs, Strong Communities works to ensure that working families can live and thrive in the Colorado by advancing policies that preserver and expand the amount of affordable housing in the region.

The average price for a home in Denver has risen to $265,000. Today, 37.8% of families in the Denver metro region are overburdened by their housing, they spend more than 30% of their income on housing alone. When working families spend too much on housing they aren’t able to support the local economy or save for their futures. ( When families have access to quality affordable housing are able to put healthy food on the table, afford medical care and safe, reliable child care.

The lack of affordable housing located near transit is another barrier working families face. In fact, 63% of families in the Denver Metro Area spend more than 45% of their incomes on the cost of housing plus transportation. Living far from affordable transportation also makes it hard for working families to access jobs, healthcare, childcare, and schools. Transit oriented development (TOD) is the practice of creating compact, walkable, typically mixed-use development near rail lines or bus stations. Affordable housing is important at TOD site because it allows low- and moderate-income families the opportunity to lower their transportation cost and better connect to good jobs, schools and services.

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