One of FRESC’s core values is collaboration.  FRESC believes that in order to achieve our bold vision , we must collaborate and partner at all levels and with many sectors and stakeholders.  FRESC builds and strengthens transformative strategic partnership and impactful solidarity for the long term.

Through the Campaign for Responsible Development at Cherokee Gates in south Denver, coalition members worked together to achieve a common goal of maximum community benefit at the redevelopment and in the process, challenged their assumptions about each other.

“What I knew about unions, I learned on TV. I thought they were all goons that work for the mob. I found out they are just people, not trying to take things away from others, but just trying to survive.”

—Jim Kittel, Save Our Section 8, advocate for accessible housing

“Working with community groups opened my eyes to what other people’s struggles are. I don’t know many people in wheel chairs and to talk to them and hear what they need in a housing project was pretty interesting to me.”

—Dwayne Stephens, Sheet Metal Workers Local 9, trades union

FRESC works not only with organizations that represent our constituencies including low income people, people of color, and immigrants, but also with other organizations that share our vision of an economy and a political system that works better for working families.   They include:

  • Labor unions and federations
  • Worker organizations and advocates
  • Faith leaders and communities
  • Business organizations, especially those that represent small business
  • Environmental and conservation groups
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Think tanks and academics
  • Social justice organizations, especially those representing women, people of color, and immigrants
  • Affordable housing developers and advocates
  • Smart growth advocates
  • Service providers
  • Communicators

FRESC continues to deepen its existing partnerships and build new partnerships with emerging stakeholders.  If you or your organization would like to partner with us, please contact us at