About Us

“One of FRESC’s strengths is its ability to identify an issue on which it can shape public policy and organizing the partnerships that can achieve the policy goals.”

 – Miriam Peña, Colorado Progressive Coalition



Watch FRESC’s video to learn more about how we win for working families.


People in Colorado have the maximum opportunity for a good quality of life, including jobs that pay livable wages, family-supporting benefits, housing that is affordable, and a voice in the decisions that affect them.


Our mission is to build power to ensure that our economy and political system work for all Colorado residents, especially low income people, communities of color and immigrants.  We create this change by engaging unions, workers, faith communities and neighborhoods to advance innovative policy solutions.

Future Wins

FRESC is currently working on winning policies for working families in the following ways:

  • Expanding Denver’s inclusionary housing ordinance to address the needs of those who make below 80% AMI
  • Empowering wage theft victims in Colorado to reclaim their stolen wages
  • Connecting low income communities and communities of color to high quality jobs created in the metro Denver
  • Investing in health-supporting infrastructure like sidewalks and bike paths in low income communities and communities of color
  • Requiring abusive corporations like Walmart to pay family-supporting wages and be a good neighbor if they want to expand in our communities

“FRESC’s strength is its ability to be a bridge and build relationships between union and community partners, looking long term at economic trends and opportunities in Denver Metro, marrying organizing and policy through strategic campaigns.”

 – Leslie Moody, Partnership for Working Families